“WOW! These are fantastic domain names! Can I really get one for FREE?”

Yes.  You can choose from any of hundreds of high-impact real estate domain names. The domain name is…  FREE and exclusively yours…  as long as your website is hosted by us.  The actual ownership of the domain name always remains with us.

We own and buy real estate domain names.  But we never 'sell' them.  Our #1 objective is to create members who stay with us throughout their career.  One of the ways we do that is to provide something that no other website developer can:  by giving FREE,  high-impact domain names.  Many of these domains would cost thousands of dollars to buy.  All of these domain names are worth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in EXTRA SALES.

"What if I already have a domain name?"

You have 3 choices:

1) Continue to use it with your existing website and get a 'second' customized website from us…  with a FREE,  high-impact domain name…  (many top agents have three, four,  or more websites to maximize their advertising exposure to buyers and sellers on the internet).

2) Dump the old name and the old website and select a FREE,  high- impact domain name with a brand new customized website from us.  If your old website is costing you more than $10.00 per month,  you save hundreds of dollars a year as soon as you make the switch.

3) Transfer it to the new website we customize for you.  Only the company that you registered the domain with can do this for you.  It is called:  "domain forwarding."


"What makes a 'good' domain name for real estate agents?"

The biggest mistake agents make when selecting a domain name is to choose their… own name: www.MyName.com


1) Buyers/ sellers can easily misspell your name and never 'hit' your site costing you thousands of dollars in lost commissions.  Even 'simple' names have multiple spellings like: Smyth/ Smith…  Chris/ Kris…  Sherry/ Sheri/ Cheri/…  Jon/ John…  Jerry/ Gerry…  the list is endless…

The rule is…  "If they can't remember and type it correctly after reading or hearing it…  ONCE…  do NOT use it."  Just think why billboards are so effective.  They only have ONE clear message,  don't they?

Besides, many names are hard to spell or have too many characters making it difficult for buyers/ sellers to type.  "Speed" is essential in capturing visitors to your site,  so,  don't create obstacles for your prospects.

2) Your name does NOT 'mean'…  real estate…  to the average home buyer/ seller. Unless you expect to invest hundreds of millions of dollars like the 5 giant national real estate franchises…  www.MyName.com is purely ego and will cost you a fortune in lost deals.  To become a 'local brand name'…  would still cost you MORE MONEY than you'd want to even think about.

www.MyNameHomes.com is not as good as www.MyNameRealty.com.  'Realty' means only one thing to the public.  'Homes' can be interpreted as any of the dozens of home-related businesses offered to consumers.

That said,  unless you have a very short and easy to spell name,  do not use: www.MyNameRealty.com.

3) Do not use 'REALTOR' as part of your domain name.  NAR will not allow it.

4) Never,  ever choose a domain name…  no matter how 'good' it sounds…  with anything but a .com ending.  You can still buy good real estate domain names with .biz; .org;  or even .net. DO NOT DO IT.  It's a…  trap!

  • 99.999% of home buyers/ sellers when typing in a domain name think ONLY: .com. So why take even the slightest chance of sending your buyers and sellers…  to your competitor's website?!

  • Guess who 'owns' the 'reverse'  (the .com)  of your great sounding .biz; .org. or .net..  name?…  Your competition!!!  So all the money you spend to advertise: www.GreatRealEstateName.net  (.org - .biz - etc.)…  will only drive traffic to: www.GreatRealEstateName.com. And your competition won't even send you a 'thank you' card.

    We know what you're thinking…  "What if…  www.GreatRealEstateName.com…  is 'not'…  active? Can't I advertise my www.GreatRealEstateName.biz or GreatRealEstateName.net name? " Don’t worry. Get your site up and running…  spend a lot of money advertising your .biz or .net name…  and we guarantee you…  www.GreatRealEstateName.com…  will be up…  running…  and haunting you the rest of your career.

5) BIG MISTAKE: Creating domain names that have: LOVE...  ENJOY…  LIVING…  or similar words in them.  The average person thinks: PORN PORN PORN…  when seeing those words in a domain.  It's a well known trick by XXX website spammers to lure unsuspecting visitors to their site by using domains labeled: Love (name of city).com…  LivingIn (name of city).com