During your first year of service, we GUARANTEE that you must get more more closings because of your ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System! If you don’t earn at least ten times (1000%!) the amount you invested over the next 12 months of service with your ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System – we will refund every penny. .Period.

7 ‘No-Brainer’ Steps To Success
To Qualify For Your Money Back GUARANTEE

1. Mail us 12 business cards with your new, high-impact domain name (see FEATURE #5), within 30 days of your enrollment.

2. Over the next 6 months after your enrollment, mail us samples of your printed property flyers that display your new, high impact domain name.

3. Edit your voice mail greeting on your cell phone and business phone to include the high-impact domain name that we loan you during your membership.. Do this within the first 30 days of enrollment and email us when this is done.

4. Buy 1000 door hangers from us (3.5 cents each, just $35 total) and distribute them in your farm to advertise 888 5 BUY HOUSE (with your private extension which rings to your cell phone).. With your door hangers, we’ll send you a special greeting that you’ll record on 888 5 BUY HOUSE. Email us immediately after you have distributed these in your farm. Now watch your phone ring like CRAAAAAAZY from excited Sellers!

5. Post your 888 5 BUY HOUSE yard signs and sign riders at your listings. During the year, email us photos of these yard signs and sign riders on at least 4 of your listings.. Do NOT use flyer boxes! Do NOT display any other phone numbers that compete with 888 5 BUY HOUSE (and your private extension which rings to your cell phone).



“How much is your ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System?”

We will email you that information.. Please complete the form on the ‘BUY’ link.

“How does ‘Lead-Call Capture’ with 888 5 BUY HOUSE work?”

It’s as simple to use as voice mail. You dial 888 5 BUY HOUSE and punch-in your private extension and access code. After you record a property description, when buyers call 888 5 BUY HOUSE and dial your extension, they hear it.

Buyers driving by your listing can get property information by dialing 888 5 BUY HOUSE which is displayed on a sign rider or yard sign (which we provide). .While listening to you describe the exciting features of your property, Buyers have two options:

1) Hang-up at anytime the message is being played

2) Press ‘1’ at anytime to connect directly to your cell phone.

You either answer your cell phone ‘live’ or that call goes into your cell phone voice mail. When you talk to this HOT BUYER, of course, you’ll schedule a private showing for that property… or… excite the Buyer about other properties available from the MLS. .Either way… you can collect TWO COMMISSIONS!

Here’s what so powerful about “Lead-Call Capture’… Even if the prospect hangs up … even if the phone number is ‘restricted or blocked’ … because of caller ID on a toll free number (888 5 BUY HOUSE) … within 60 seconds that hot buyer’s phone number is emailed to your ACTIONsite™ and sent as a text message to your cell phone!!!


BEFORE the Hot Buyers pulls away from the curb… you capture them! ….
BEFORE the Hot Buyers start previewing competing properties… they’re in the palm of your hand! …

BEFORE those Hot Buyers talk to competing agents… you CONTROL these prospects! …

Double-end more deals!
Capture 100% of all buyer leads!
Sellers are virtually Guaranteed ‘TOP DOLLAR’
Sellers say, “List me!”
Convert FSBOs to ‘your’ listings
Convert Expireds to ‘your’ listings
Take ‘out of area’ listings (888 5 BUY HOUSE does not tell potential buyers ‘where’ you are!)

“How much are the toll free minutes when Buyers/Sellers call the 3 toll free numbers you give me?”

Just 15 cents a minute, billed in whole minutes. We are a bargain! Just compare…. As of 11.11.06 when these websites were checked, charges 22 cents a minute and $49 per toll free number (plus a hefty $297.00 activation fee!). charges 27 cents a minute and $59.00 monthly per toll free number (plus a $99 activation fee). Neither one of these companies offer real estate agent websites. .They are ‘call capture only’ services. We are the ONLY company that combines ‘lead-call capture’ with internet marketing and a full-featured MLS agent website!

“What’s so special about the ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System?”

We have over 100 commission-grabbing features … far more than any other real estate agent website… including dozens of EXCLUSIVE features! Please click on the ‘FEATURES’ link above to see them all.

“I already have a website, so can I get a discount?’”

YES… ‘If’ you have pre-paid service left on your contract with your existing host, we will give you up to 6 months FREE SERVICE! You’ll get one month ‘free’ for each pre-paid month you have left (up to ‘6’ months FREE SERVICE!). .Just enter this *PROMOTION CODE on the Enrollment Form: DUMP MY WEBSITE. *Check for applicabilty, not available to everyone.

To qualify you must fax us a copy of the contract with your present host. .Your FREE SERVICE will not begin until after your first quarter of service and setup fees are paid...Your FREE SERVICE does not apply to the toll free minute usage (15 cents per minute) when Buyers/Sellers call.

“I have a website, so can I just buy the Lead-Call Capture?”

Can you buy just the ‘left shoe’ at the shoe store? … Neither can we sell you just the ‘left shoe’ because this is a SYSTEM.

When Sellers/Buyers call any of your 3 toll free numbers:

888 5 BUY LOW

Then the phone numbers of these Sellers/Buyers are emailed directly to your ACTIONsite™ … and sent to your cell phone as a text message…. within 60 seconds!

Also, ‘Lead-Call Capture’ is ‘part’ of the ACTIONsite™ .. Many of the web pages advertise how vital ‘Lead-Call Capture’ is to your Sellers... and excites them to list with you.

888 7 SELL HIGH is featured on your SELLING page… because what do Sellers want to do? Sell.. HIGH!

888 5 BUY LOW is featured on your BUYING page… because what do Buyers want to do? Buy… LOW!

888 5 BUY HOUSE is for your sign riders; yard signs; door hangers for farming … all of which we provide to you.

A lot of our members had other websites… and bought ours as a ‘second’ website or canceled their other site. Why pay good money to another company that doesn’t offer lead capture technology like we do with 888 5 BUY HOUSE? How many more commission checks do you want to LOSE without ‘Lead-Call Capture’?

“How long does it take to get my ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System?”

Up to 30 days, but usually around 2 weeks. Unlike our competitors who offer you instant or near-instant websites because they are ‘cookie-cutter’ … we need a lot more time to customize your site and we have a ‘waiting-line’ of customers now.

So allow up to 30 days for customization of your ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System. There are 19 separate features that must be customized on each member’s site. .We need the extra time to help you get more listings and sales!

“I heard about this at a seminar. Is there a discount?”

Only if advertised at the event. ‘FREE SERVICE’ is available (if you qualify) by looking for the PROMOTION CODE found on one of the FEATURES pages. .Just click on the FEATURE page link above.

“Do I need to send you my photo?”

Nope. If your photo is on your computer, you can easily upload it to your new ACTIONsite™ where it is automatically re-sized. But if you prefer, just email it to us and we'll do the rest.

“Is my local MLS featured on my website?”

Absolutely! Plus we can add up to 6 more MLS links.

“Can I buy more ‘Lead-Call Capture’ 888 5 BUY HOUSE sign riders and yard signs for my listings?”

Sure, they are $15.00 each. ‘Yard signs’ are over-sized and UPS charges $35.00 for the entire shipment. .‘Sign riders’ are much smaller and the cost is $15.00 per shipment.

“Can I get more phone extensions for more listings?”

You get 5 extensions with your membership. 3 are reserved for your ACTIONsite™ ; 2 are reserved for your listings. Extra extensions for more listings are $5.00 each per month, pre-paid annually.

“Do you submit my ACTIONsite™ to search engines?”

Yes we submit your ACTIONsite™ to GOOGLE, Yahoo, MSN, and other leading search engines.. And by using our exclusive ‘Agent Referral Network’ feature, you can exchange links with up to 7,500 TOP MARKETING AGENTS in the U.S.A. This can greatly improve your ranking on search engines.

“I have my own domain name now. Can I use it?”

Sure. Once you complete the Enrollment Form, if you do not select one of our HIGH-IMPACT DOMAINS … we’ll email you the simple steps to transfer your domain to your new ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System.

“Do you have a guarantee of success?”
“What is your refund policy?”

We have a 100% money-back guarantee at the end of one year of service if you have not made 10 TIMES the money you invested in your ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System. Please refer to the first FAQ for more details.

Because there are 19 separate steps that we have to customize for your ACTIONsite™ , there is absolutely no refund after your order is placed. Please refer to the Enrollment Form that we will email you for complete details.

“Do you have any testimonials?”

Of course. See the VIDEO SUCCESS TESTIMONIALS on our home page.

“How long have you been in business?”

We’ve been creating real estate print marketing since 1991. We’ve been designing real estate websites since 2000.

Go to the web’s archive site: and type in: (.NET!) … then click on the ‘take me back’ button and you’ll see April, 3 2001 was the first ‘recorded history’ of our real estate websites – but we actually started in the fall of 2000.

“How do I get member support?”

Just like eBay,, and Google, we offer our members email support only for efficiency and accuracy.

“Is there any training offered?”

Training tips are offered on you ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System and for further assistance, just email us. .But this is truly a ‘no-brainer’ system to use.

‘Lead-Call Capture’ is as easy to use at voice mail. .The rest of the ACTIONsite™ is ‘point and click’ simple.

“I have a partner. Can we do a ‘team’ website?”

Sure. No extra charge. There’s room for 6 phone numbers on the website. .Click on some of our VIDEO SUCCESS TESTIMONIALS and you will see examples of the ‘team site designs.’

“What if I move to another company?”

With just a ‘mouse click’ you can change company logos.. You can easily change the company name; address; and phone numbers anytime through your Member Control Panel.
“How much control do I have over what Buyers/Sellers see on my ACTIONsite™ Lead-Call Capture System?”

You have virtually 100% control of what is displayed on your ACTIONsite™ . .There are dozens of award-winning designs to choose from with a click of your mouse. .You can add graphics; delete graphics; replace graphics with text links and so much more!

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